Look Straight Down provides vertical aerial photography based at Boire Field in Nashua, NH.  Our Cessna 210 will quickly travel to your site and then slow down to record stunning images from directly overhead.  The camera is gyro-stabilized to eliminate motion blur.  The GPS location is recorded with every image and this information is used to roughly align the image in Google Earth for viewing in context.

Here is a new demo targeting I-95N through the Hampton toll plaza.  Note the traffic speeding through the new high-speed transponder lanes.  Click here. The images overlaid on Google Earth are sampled down to 1024x768.  For full resolution, click on the yellow pin, right click on the link to the jpg file, and select "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window".  Click once in the picture to zoom to the full resolution, then use the browser scroll bars to move around.


"That vertical shot is awesome!"  - Jason Crosby www.flyingfotos.com