The images may be approximately positioned on Google Earth using GPS data.  This makes it easy to see the location of each image with respect to the map and the other images.

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Another demonstration

Install the Google Earth plugin if necessary.

This page will take a few minutes to load.  There is a whole lot of data here!  It starts out at the beginning of the flight, at the Wiscasset airport in Maine.  When it finishes loading you will see the airport clearly, along with a number of marker pins and the first few photographs.


Each marker is an individual image, and a low-resolution copy is superimposed on the Google Earth display.  The images will start out empty, and then fill in as the page finishes loading.  Note that the low-resolution images are approximately aligned with the earth based on GPS data.


To navigate, click the place you are interested in and drag it to the center of the view.  Follow progress of the flight by dragging the newer images through the center.  Zoom out to see more of the route.  You can zoom with the center roller of your mouse, or the zoom control to the right side of the page.


Click a pin marker to see a link to the full-resolution image.  Right-click this link and select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window" to see that specific full-resolution image.


The pictures at Wiscasset will load first, but the best pictures are near the end of the flight as the plane slowed down in preparation for landing.  These are typical of the quality that can be expected when photographing a specific area.  Most of this flight was conducted at more than 150 mph.  The plane can fly safely at half that speed for optimal photo quality.


Focusing on a Specific Area

These examples focus on the center of town in Milford, New Hampshire.

Less zoom (larger pictures)

More zoom (smaller, higher-resolution pictures)